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New Website Launched!

Bits of Technology launches an all new website.

Last year we began to plan and test a new Website. Various things kept coming up eating away at what little time was available to accomplish our goal. The Bits of Technology website has gone through a major overhaul with which we will be adding additional information, services, and customer interaction.

And now...

Finally, the new site is now live, though not complete as you may notice. Over the next week or two the new site will go through some finishing touches including adding in all the missing information, not to mention testing (bug-fixing) and optimization.

If you discover an issue with the site please use the following link to report it.


Enjoy! ; )

  • 4/26 - Fixed FaceBook Like/Share and Comment plugins on News and Blog Sections. If you previously used them, feel free to try again.
  • 4/26 - Corrected drop down action for portal links.

Written by Michael on Sunday April 17, 2016
Categories: news, events