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Avoiding Internet Scams

Over the last decade, internet and computer scams have become a billion dollar business. The scammers find it to be a very lucrative business model, and some of their scams can fool the best of us if we are unaware of them.

It's estimated that people were scammed out of more than 800 million in 2014. That estimate only accounts for ones reported to the government. You must also take into account they believe only 10% of the scams are reported to the authorities. So just imagine how much money is actually being scammed out there.

Well, as the old saying goes... Knowledge is Power! Just a little education will get you the knowledge needed to avoid and spot these scams before you become their next victim.
Prepare to be educated! The time it takes you to read this Blog is all it will cost you to help protect yourself from an Internet/Computer scam. A typical scam costs an individual 300 to 600 dollars. Just think of the money you might save by just taking the time to read on...

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→ Written by Michael on Sunday April 17, 2016

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