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Repair Services

Bits of Technology can fix your PC! We offer repair services for Microsoft Windows based Computers at incredibly competitive prices (just compare us to a Big-Box store). No issue is too great or small. Your complete local Windows PC repair service!

Please Note:
We specialize in Microsoft Windows based computers. We can also do limited repairs on Android or Chrome OS based computers.
Apple products or Cell Phones/Tablets of any make are currently not supported or repaired by us.
Printers are "generally" not repairable. A mechanical repair on a printer will usually cost more to fix than to buy another printer. Printer repairs are very limited, however feel free to call the shop to see if we can help.

We Pickup and Deliver
We can pickup your computer equipment for repair and deliver it back when complete.

On Site Service
We can come to your location to provide networking/wireless setup, printer setup and installation, and computer diagnostics/repair.

Technology Consultation
We can advise you on a number of technology solutions.

 Basic Diagnostic is free! 

Common Repairs*

General Info Cost*
Basic Repair $35.00
Advanced Repair $50.00
Software Install $25.00
Tuneup $75.00
Basic Maintenance   $50.00
Reload - Basic $75.00
Reload - Advanced  $100.00
Data Transfer $25.00+
Data Recovery $50.00+
Laptop Hardware Cost*
Hinge Repair $75.00
Internal Card Install $60.00
Keyboard/Memory $25.00
CPU/CPU Fan    $90.00
Screen $65.00
DC Jack $75.00+
Motherboard/Shell $100.00
Desktop Hardware Cost*
Case Fan $20.00
Internal Drive $25.00
Power Supply $25.00
Motherboard $75.00+
Internal Card $35.00
CPU/CPU Fan $60.00
Memory $20.00

Not all available repairs are listed. Don't see what you need? Looking for repairs on specialty or legacy equipment? Contact us to see if we can help and for pricing.

*Prices effective August 1st 2016 (at our new location).

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