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Bits of Technology Now Offers Managed Services for Windows Based Computers

Bits Protection     Bits Advantage     Plan Pricing

No one enjoys computer maintenance, however your computer will run smoother and be more reliable for when you need it if its well maintained. A well maintained PC can save you downtime, system instabilities, and costly repairs when maintenance is neglected.

We currently offer 2 service plans.

  • Bits Protection - Managed Anti-Virus protection. Let us take care of your Anti-Virus Protection. We keep it updated, 24/7 monitoring of threats, notification of threat alerts, ensure scans are run routinely. Also includes:
    • Web Monitor - Protect your PC from known online threats. Our web monitor blocks any website known to deliver malware and/or viruses. Will also block known bad sites containing categories like technology, scripting, adult, porn, code, and many more. It may also be customized to fit your specific needs (additional charges may apply).
  • Bits Advantage - We monitor and maintain your PC so you can enjoy your time using it. We monitor over 20 system checks. These include daily and hourly checks on the health of your computer system.
    • Bits Protection - Managed Anti-Virus with Web Monitor (See above plan for more details)
    • 14 Daily System Checks
    • 7 hourly System Checks
    • Routine Maintenance
      • Monthly System Cleaning - keep temp files and other old data off your system.
      • Windows Updates - Updates are approved by us and then regularly applied to keep your system up to date and secure.
      • Hardware Monitor - Hardware checks to detect failing components such as your Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The HDD is where your data such as pictures are stored.
    • Proactive System Alerts - We will alert you to possible future issues regarding your computers operation and security. Prevent system issues from getting critical or causing down time.
    • System Monitor - Alerts for possible non-virus threats to your PC. These include the installations of Potentially Unwanted Programs or PUPS, known bad browser plugins or extensions.
    • Receive 10% off the cost of labor for any in shop computer service (Discount only applies to computers on Bits Advantage Plan).
  • Business Services
    • Our above managed service with the below added options.
    • Email Protection. Retention and Security. Emails are scanned for threats before you receive them. Lose an important email? With retention, all email is backed up and encrypted for long term storage and retrieval.
    • Network Monitoring.
    • Backup Solutions - Data Backups for peace of mind. Don't let losing your important financial and customer data to make you realize how important a backup solution is.
    • Business Solutions - We can tailor a plan to fit your business needs, number of systems, and budget.
    • Give us a call to schedule a consultation.

Plan Pricing  (Prices will be announced soon)

You may choose to pay at 3, 6 , or 12 month intervals.

  • Bits Protection:
    • 3 Month - $12 per month = $36 Every 3 months.
    • 6 Month - $11 per month = $66 Every 6 months.
    • 12 Month - $10 per month = $120 Every 12 months.
  • Bits Advantage:
    • 3 Month - $17 per month = $51 Every 3 months.
    • 6 Month - $16 per month = $96 Every 6 months.
    • 12 Month - $15 per month = $180 Every 12 months.

Are you a BTWI Broadband Customer? Our internet customers receive a substantial discount on these great plans!
Protection Plan$2 off*.
Advantage Plan: $3 off*.
*Off the above listed price per month, that's $24 or $36 off per year on any above plan!!!
Not an internet customer? Call us to check if service is available in your area to take advantage of this fantastic service at a reduced cost.

  • Setup Fee
    • A one time $40 charge is applied to install our service on your system. This fee includes a Tuneup ($65 value) of your system to ensure it's in good health. Our service is then installed to help ensure it stays that way.
  • Custom Services - Please contact us for service details and pricing.

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